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"For your unfailing love is as high as the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds." -Psalm 57:10 #thankfulheart #heisgood

"For your unfailing love is as high as the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds." -Psalm 57:10 #thankfulheart #heisgood


Can I just say (…for the millionth time…) just how thankful my heart is that I get to serve such an incredible God. So merciful, so faithful, SO GOOD to me. I don’t know how anyone lives without His presence in their life. Seriously. Like I said not too long ago, time in His presence makes up for everything. And I mean absolutely EVERYTHING. Good or bad. It doubles the good and restores you from the bad. So so so good.

There is so much tragedy around us. If it’s not in our own lives, then it it’s in the lives around us. My spirit has been super sensitive to the weight of it all lately, there is such a heavy layer in the air. It’s just waiting. And the Holy Spirit has not been quiet about it.

I cry because I feel for the lives being affected, my heart breaks more and more by the minute, yet I cry because there is beauty in the ashes…and I am in awe of the beauty that is God and His beautiful promises that He has for those who remain faithful through it all. I feel this heartbreak as well as an overwhelming amount of joy where all I can still do is rejoice, even in the midst of it all! I have never felt more broken and I have never felt more free.

Take heart because you can overcome this too. Believe for your miracle that is coming, because it is! Declare it over your life and rejoice in the victory!


Six days into this brand new year and God has already shown so much to me. I’ve only caught a glimpse of His plan for 2011 so far, but it has completely set me on fire. He has transformed my heart and my vision. It has intensified so deeply. I am more passionate about life and ministry than I ever have been before.

- - -

I know a lot of us thought last year was a huge time of change and it was, but I feel like 2010 was a time for personal change and spiritual growth- preparation more of. And this year it’s going to be about using that and stepping out.  Changing our comfortable ways and busting through the little Christian bubble that we all get so wrapped up in, whether you’d like to admit it or not- we are all found guilty of doing so. And we can no longer waste time being comfortable and in one place. God can’t use us if we are stagnate.

Be ready to go, but be prepared for nothing. Don’t get used to the sound of something you like or a certain idea. Just be ready.

He has shown me what we as His people need to be doing and focusing on during this time instead of what we are doing and have been doing. Which is, beating around the bush and waiting. But what exactly are we waiting for? What is it holding you back?

It’s time for a stand. The time for us to go out of our everyday ways and fulfill what has been called upon our lives has come. It is now that we are to be emptied. Emptied to be used. To radically change the world around us. Fully.

Our time is flying by. Our days are becoming shorter and shorter by the minute. And we have to make it a reality to ourselves that with every minute we loose, another soul is lost. Forgotten. Left for dead. And no matter how many times you’ve already heard that or how hard it may be for you to actually apply to yourself- no matter what you have to say for yourself. It doesn’t matter. The cold hard truth of His word is that we are held accountable for every single being in this world. And honestly, we should be. Because although we live a very short life, we are given more than enough time. Excuses are not acceptable. And I take full responsibility. Because in all the time we spend hanging out with our friends or all the hours we spend inside of the four walls of the church, we should be out investing into the lives of the people living in the dark. Not the people that are already aware of the life that is to come.

I believe that 2011 is going to be an awakening. A revival. Be ready for it. Do what the Lord is telling you to and hold nothing back. Pray for realization and a passionate heart. Pray that you will be motivated and have the courage to do His work. Pray that His vision for 2011 will become yours.


Faith requires trust and willingness on our part. When God calls, we must respond with action. Faith requires perseverance and courage. We are to take a stand for Christ. Even when uncomfortable or unpopular. Faith sometimes requires going into the unknown. Take a risk for Christ. Allow Him to work though us so His power will be displayed and He will get the credit. Faith sometimes requires waiting. During this time, we are not to complain but depend on God to deliver. Faith requires obedience. When we obey God, we will expirience the full life He desires for us.

Where I am.

Rainy morning train ride.
Dallas, Texas.

God has been showing me a lot lately. 
We all go through seasons spiritually and right now I’m at a very intense point in my relationship with Him. I’m being ripped to shreds and it couldn’t feel more amazing. I know it’s because a lot of things are changing and intensifying in my life right now. Life has slowly started moving along for me. I’m starting to get an idea of where I’m supposed to go, what I’m supposed to do. As to where a little over two years ago or so, I was told to stay and not move a single muscle. As time went on, I started understanding why God called me to do what He did and directed me to stay where I am. While obeying and following His plan I learned and grew so much, was stretched to incredible lengths and molded into the person I am today. It feels good to be where I’m supposed to. How I’m supposed to. But I know that getting to that point was only the start. The plans He has for our lives are never ending. When we surrender and choose to follow Him, we completely give up our lives 100%. And no matter how much changing we may do, as long as we are still here on earth we will still always have more room to change and grow spiritually. It’s a never ending process. It’s all only just begun and as exciting as it truly is, it’s also extremely challenging. I’m realizing more and more not only who I am but who I also need to become in order to do all that He has called me to do. It’s kind of like re-learning everything and starting from scratch…Again, a never ending process. But it really is an amazing feeling to know that He is working on me from the inside out. That He is completely stripping me from everything I am and ever was. To know that I’m being remodeled so that I can truly be made into purely an image of Him. Because that’s all I want in life. To be as Christ-like as I possibly can and used by it. It’s the only way I’ll ever be able to make some kind of a difference. And that is after all what we are here to do…

I’ve had worship on my heart alot lately. Not just the songs we hear and sing all the time but the true worship in our hearts everday. Our very own personal offerings and love letters to the Lord.

Music is such a huge passion of mine. My favorite time to spend with the Lord is in worship. I listen to all different kinds of music and I love the fact that no matter what type of style the music you play or listen to is, the Lord hears His worship all the same. No matter what it sounds like or how different it is, He is so deeply in love with all of your praises. They are like nothing else you could ever imagine.

Recently, I was talking with several different christians who all heard the same song. It was a worship song and the person singing it was singing some of the words while screaming others in between. It was different from anything that group had ever heard before. It was new to them. It was raw. They were giving the Lord all they had inside of them in that. It was so refreshing to see someone running after the Lord wildly and worshipping Him radically. Exactly how He wants us to be.

{He wants us to run after Him wildly, He wants us to worship Him radically. In all that we do and with everything we have inside of us. Give Him praise in absolutely everything you do.}

Everyone said the same thing about the song. They hated it. They all said they thought it sounded awful because they couldn’t sing along to it how they were “supposed” to. That made me sad and a little nauseous.

All I could think about and wonder after I heard that was how could anyone think something was so terrible when it’s something not even meant for them? It wasn’t made for their ears. It certainly wasn’t a song written about them and how awesome they are. And I never remember there ever being any rules on how we must sing to God in order for Him to love it. So why do we judge it?

Everyones worship is different. Just like everyones prayer is different. Each person is spiritually on a different level in their walk with Christ. Whether you’ve been a christian your whole life or you’ve been a christian for two weeks. People worship God in so many different ways and we should love it all the same just like He does.

{I feel like we often forget that you don’t need a full band, a worship leader, and a packed out church service in order to worship Him the right way. You don’t even need any of that. Because there is no wrong way to bring Him praise. As long as it is coming from your heart it will always be right.}

So, even if it’s not your personal choice of music- or anything for that matter. You should still respect and appreciate it because it’s to Him and for Him. Not us. We have nothing to do with it. We do not have the right to judge anyones offerings to God.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours.

It was 4:45am on friday, two weeks ago. I was buckled over in bed. Praying and balling like a baby. I’ve prayed the same prayer for months. Lord, give me their hearts, let me truly feel what they feel. Just for a moment….

My heart has been so heavy. It’s been beyond what I’ve ever felt before. I’ve just been crying out to God, asking Him to make it such a reality to myself. I know it’s something we all want and pray for as christians, but do we really get it? Do we really wrap our heads around the fact that we are accountable for each and every single lost person in this world? Do we want to reach the hurt, the broken, and the lost so desperatly that we ask God to give us their broken hearts and dead souls?

I prayed for that for months and it hits me in the middle of the night. When I least expected it. My heart was literally aching so hard. It felt like it was being pulled out of my chest. I couldn’t stop crying. Such pain and deep sorrow these people feel. The feeling is unexplainable. It’s so heartbreaking. But I am so thankful for those few minutes.

All of those feelings are forever inside my heart. And I never ever want them to go away. I want my heart to be so heavy and so broken for as long as there are still people to be reached. It’s time we truly step it up and be the light in this dark world. We are all they have.