My family decided that because everyone was off, we would have family day. The plan was to drive until we couldn’t drive anymore. How could I pass that up? I love roadtrips.

We thought about going to oklahoma or arkansas but we decided to go out to east texas, because none of us had ever been out there before. Except for my older sister with friends. I’ve been dying to go to canton for all the great treasures and flea markets I’m always hearing about at First Monday. I just didn’t know my way around there but now I do, so let’s go! Sherioushly.

It was so refreshing to be out of the city. Even if it was only for just a few hours, I needed that time away. I needed to clear my head. I’ve been so stressed out lately. And just completely drained. It couldn’t had been a more perfect place to do so. Breathing in the clean country air and being surrounded by nothing but nature was wonderful. So peaceful and relaxing. Exactly what I needed.

Driving for hours, we decided to head back. We stopped to eat at Charley’s in Wills Point, where we randomly met the owners, that just happen to go to Northplace! We got to talking and turns out we all go to the same service and everything. How crazy is that?

It’s so funny how God places people in your path. I mean, here we are, completely out of town, we pop into this little hole-in-the-wall resturaunt we had never been to before, where we meet these total strangers, that go to the same church as us, all the way in little ol’ sachse texas. Pretty random! Very cool though.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours.

It was 4:45am on friday, two weeks ago. I was buckled over in bed. Praying and balling like a baby. I’ve prayed the same prayer for months. Lord, give me their hearts, let me truly feel what they feel. Just for a moment….

My heart has been so heavy. It’s been beyond what I’ve ever felt before. I’ve just been crying out to God, asking Him to make it such a reality to myself. I know it’s something we all want and pray for as christians, but do we really get it? Do we really wrap our heads around the fact that we are accountable for each and every single lost person in this world? Do we want to reach the hurt, the broken, and the lost so desperatly that we ask God to give us their broken hearts and dead souls?

I prayed for that for months and it hits me in the middle of the night. When I least expected it. My heart was literally aching so hard. It felt like it was being pulled out of my chest. I couldn’t stop crying. Such pain and deep sorrow these people feel. The feeling is unexplainable. It’s so heartbreaking. But I am so thankful for those few minutes.

All of those feelings are forever inside my heart. And I never ever want them to go away. I want my heart to be so heavy and so broken for as long as there are still people to be reached. It’s time we truly step it up and be the light in this dark world. We are all they have.